Make your best first impression. Without saying a word.
Headshots are an essential aspect of any professional career. Whether you’re a CEO, entrepreneur, actor, model, or on the job hunt, you must have an up-to-date and high-quality headshot available for use on multiple platforms. We at the Diaz Photography Group are prepared to create your absolute best headshot, to ensure that you make your greatest first impression!

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Why you need a professional headshot

With the growing necessity of an outstanding online presence, it is necessary that you build and share your personal brand. Demonstrate to prospective employers, clients, business partners, agencies, casting agents, and talent scouts, your personality and professionalism with a great looking headshot! But why are these so important?
Tip One

A well-captured headshot will convey professionalism. A professional photographer, you can expect your headshot to do just that. A pro will know how to position you in the frame, what backdrop to use, and how to use proper lighting. They’ll even advise you on how to dress for the occasion!

Tip Two

A professional photographer aims to make you look great! With professionally captured headshots, you will feel confident as you engage with business partners and prospective employers. This will make a huge difference. Approach new opportunities with your best foot forward!

Tip 3

Personalize your online presence! The internet is a string of faceless interactions and promotions. So make sure that each of your profiles is made personal. Let people know that you are approachable, friendly, and great to work with!

Professionally created headshots, will make a lasting impression, that will promote your personal brand and drive your career forward. Do not neglect this small yet essential detail of your professional profile.

Model Comp Card

Actor and Model Comp Cards

We also provide actor and model comp cards for an additional fee. If you’re in either the modeling or acting industries, it is necessary that you have an impressive comp card. It will serve as your business card, featuring your best photo and contact information, and is easily distributed to casting agents.

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